The ME Health

ME – the medical seven-day health programme at Alpenresort Schwarz

Boost your inner strength, which is so important for ensuring and maintaining your own good health. We help you to become more aware of your own health and use this awareness to achieve and maintain your personal health objectives. In a beneficial, happy holiday atmosphere, and by combining modern and complementary medicine, we want to help you to gain a better understanding of your body and yourself.

ME health programme – a 7-day programme with medical and therapeutic supervision. In consultation with our doctor, you can choose between the “ME Energy”, “ME Body & Mind” and “ME Aesthetics” packages and set yourself both short-term and long-term health objectives. The ME Vitality nutritional programme and the ME Extras round off the service.

The development of your personal resources takes place within three spheres of activity: nutrition, exercise and relaxation. These three areas interlink with one another and form the basis for the ME programme. Our aim is to help you to optimise these three areas and thus build a healthier lifestyle. 


The basis for this is a nutritious, whole-food diet involving mostly vegetable, low-processed, nutrient-rich foods that relieve the body. The nutrition sphere is divided into different vital levels, which are chosen according to your individual health goals and our medical recommendations.


A range of different relaxation methods will help you to gain an awareness of your ability to relax with a view to improving it and making use of it in your everyday life.
A better ability to relax can have a holistic effect. The aim of this programme is to boost your resistance and immune system on a long-term basis.


  • Detailed medical examination 
  • Intolerance screening 
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis 
  • Sleep phase analysis 
  • Measurement of oxidative stress 
  • Measurement of heart rate variability 
  • Dietary consultation 
  • 2x laser detox treatments, 2x vital substance infusions 
  • Regenerative coaching session 
  • Deep muscle relaxation massage 
  • Final medical examination

7-day ME ENERGY programme
excluding hotel stay € 1 475,-


  • Detailed medical examination
  • Blood screening
  • InBody analysis
  • Measurement of oxidative stress
  • Activity analysis based on heart rate
  • Measurement of heart rate variability
  • Deep muscular strength and coordination training session
  • 2 Body & Mind mental coaching sessions
  • HRV biofeedback training session
  • Infusion of vital substances
  • Heart coherence exercise
  • Deep muscle massage
  • Final medical examination

7-day ME BODY & MIND programme
excluding hotel stay € 1 548,-


  • Detailed medical examination 
  • Skin analysis 
  • Blood screening 
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis 
  • Measurement of heart rate variability 
  • Infusion for activating mitochondria 
  • 2 lymphatic drainages 
  • Skin tightening treatment using lasers 
  • Medical and cosmetic facials using ultrasound to transfer active substances 
  • 2 detox body packages 
  • Final medical examination

Seven-day ME AETHETICS programme
excluding hotel stay € 1 896,-