Detaillierte Infos √ľber Ihren Urlaub im Alpenresort Schwarz


The size of the resort, the spa area, our restaurants and the hotel gardens means we are able to provide plenty of space and options for a relaxing holiday. All our areas provide enough space to adhere to mandatory distancing. Please find information below on the specific measures in each area.

Mandatory face coverings for staff

Our ME SENSE SPA staff wear face coverings or face shields during spa and hair treatments. There are perspex screens at the hotel and spa reception desks. Our staff can also choose to wear face coverings at other times. It ceased to be a legal requirement from 1 July 2020.

Mandatory face coverings for hotel guests

Guests must wear face coverings for hair and spa treatments and in taxis.
We recommend wearing a face covering when attending the buffets.

General mandatory face covering requirements in Austria

Face coverings are mandatory in Austria on public transport, in supermarkets, in food stores, in churches, in banks and post offices and in medical facilities (doctors, pharmacies...).

Entry and exit restrictions for individual countries and regions

If there are individual travel restrictions for your country, region or county, or there is an entry restriction currently applicable to Austria, we would ask that you get in touch with us no later than 7 days before arrival stating your place of residence and these restrictions. We ask that you provide any documentation, such as a valid negative Covid-19 test, at check in.

Schwarz Genusswelt

Buffets are only permitted under certain conditions and are offered in a limited manner, dishes can of course also be served to your table. Breakfast is a combination of table service dishes ‚Äď please see our breakfast menu ‚Äď and various dishes from the buffet. You can still enjoy dinner as before.

Soft drinks, coffee and tea will continue to be available in the restaurant and the spa, and can be freely taken from the drinks stations.

Pools and bathing lakes

There are no significant restrictions due to the large number of swimming options and the size of the spa area and gardens.

An official recommendation specifies the water area per swimmer (for example, 6m² in a pool). This results in a recommendation for the maximum number of swimmers in each pool, which in our experience will usually not be reached. There is a minimum distance of one metre in the whirlpools.

Sauna village

Official recommendations specify a limit on sauna guests and a minimum distance of 1m in all directions.  
The maximum number of guests is displayed on each sauna cabin. With the exception of the steam baths, all sauna cabins and relaxation rooms are open. Infusions are not currently permitted.

Wellness areas

A few exceptions aside, all spa treatments are currently available. The fitness centre is open and all exercise programmes, including yoga, are running.

Child care

There is plenty of space for our child care activities thanks to the generous outside areas with the adventure playground and petting zoo. We will extend the programme to include more outdoor nature experiences. There are 4 indoor rooms available, which means we can split the children into small groups. The Kids’ Club opening hours may need to be adjusted.

Weekly Covid-19 tests (PCR test) for staff

The State of Austria enables tourism workers to take voluntary weekly Covid-19 tests (PCR test). We at the Schwarz Company welcome this opportunity and have been organising this test for all our staff every Monday since mid-July.


As of: 14 August 2020 | The measures we take are continuously adapted to the official provisions of the Austrian Federal Government.